Soundclick Instrumentals, is a huge “social networking site for music” with 3.4 million members.  The site is divided up into many genres including, Rock, Country,  and Beats/Instrumentals.   As you probably guessed, the last one is what we’re interested in here.  Hip hop producers and beat makers have created their own world inside of Soundclick where you can find soundclick instrumentals and beats from thousands of producers.


With so many producers on Soundclick (which is free), there is a huge variety in style and quality; from beat makers who just made their first beat, to proven hit makers with major label credits.  It can take some time to sift through and find the really incredible soundclick instrumentals, but they are there if you look!

Instrumental Charts

Soundclick created the Soundclick Instrumental Charts to help you find the best instrumental beats.  The beats that are played and downloaded the most rise to the top.  For the most part, the beats at the top are good, but some producers use internet hacker tricks (a.k.a. “cheating”) to manipulate the charts.  So, don’t limit your beat search to only the chat topping beats and producers.

Buying Beats

You don’t actually buy Soundclick Instrumentals from Soundclik.  You have to contact the producer/beatmaker directly, kind of like a craigslist for beats.  Some beatmakers have created special “beat stores” that you can use to buy the beats.  The most convenient way to buy beats is directly from a top producer’s personal website.  The best sites have an online system for instantly downloading the beat after you pay. That way you don’t have to wait for the beatmaker to get around to emailing you the files you paid for!

Beat Leasing vs. Exclusive

Most beatmakers offer their soundclick instrumentals for “lease” or “exclusive” purchase.  A “lease” usually means you can sell up to 1000 copies of the song you make with the beat.  After that you would have to contact the beatmaker and work something out.  After you lease a beat, the beat is still available for other rappers to download and use.  Leases are usually from $20 to $50.    If you want to sell an unlimited number of copies and keep any other rappers from using your beat, you will need to buy an “exclusive” license.  These are more expensive and range from $200 to $1000 per beat.  Some producers also offer “semi-exclusives,” which are less money than exclusives with most of the benefits.

Pay with PayPal

PayPal is usually the best way to pay for beats because you are protected.  If something goes wrong you can just contact PayPal and they will make sure you get fair treatment or a refund. Nice!

Soundclick Instrumentals are a great way to find beats for your next rap classic or R&B hit. From club bangers to slow jams, it’s all there.  The beat selection is almost unlimited, so looking for producers with major label experience, major artist credits, and beats that have been mixed and mastered, can help make sure you always get professional quality beats.

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